Commitment to the highest standards in the coaching profession.

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Comprehensive Coaching: Choose Solution Box, founded by Coach Prateek, for a diverse range of coaching services—Dilemma Coaching, Professional Coaching, Employee Performance Coaching, and Life Coaching—all meticulously aligned with ICF core competencies.
Psychometric Assessments: Elevate your coaching experience with Solution Box’s advanced Psychometric Assessments, guided by Coach Prateek’s expertise, providing invaluable insights into personal and professional development.
Continuous Education: Access Solution Box’s unwavering commitment, under Coach Prateek’s leadership, to continuous education.

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Dilemma Coaching

Join us on this transformative journey where dilemmas become stepping stones, and the coaching process becomes a compass guiding you toward clarity, confidence, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Leadership Coaching

Step into a realm where leadership is not just a role but a journey of continuous refinement and growth, guided by the principles of Leadership Coaching.


Mentoring is a two-way street, where insights are exchanged, challenges are met with resilience, and aspirations are nurtured. Where wisdom meets guidance, and experience intertwines with potential.